Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why choose

It is obvious that we believe the FSBO route to be a great alternative But why in particular? We set out to create a service that would provide an unparalleled value to FSBO sellers and become an indispensible resource for both buyers and sellers.

We have compiled many helpful resources and information that we feel will make the Colorado FSBO seller successful. Ranging from access to professional legal advice through our network law firms to extensive guides and how-to’s all are designed to demystify the process of buying or selling a home and show how simple it really is. Please see our Resources for Sellers Directory to see what we mean.

By leaving these resources open to buyers as well, we provide the opportunity to learn more and help generate educated and informed buyers for our sellers. By promoting the idea of buyers and sellers sharing FSBO savings throughout the website, we hope to cause Denver home buyers and sellers to view each other as partners trying to strike a deal, rather than adversaries.

We believe in helping Denver homeowners exercise the freedom to sell their homes without losing so much of their investment in the process. We are committed to providing the best option for homeowners now and into the future. At, we provide solutions to the most significant challenges FSBO buyers and sellers face, at an extraordinary value.

FSBO Metro Denver

Submitted by Miles Shea (FSBO Metro Denver President)

We are the same as you, homeowners who have found the need to sell a Denver home. From our experiences as lifelong homeowners and custom home builders, buying and selling various types of properties, we know what you are going through. That is why we wish to make your experience easier and more enjoyable, and of course, more affordable.

It is discouraging to find the cost of selling a $300,000 home through traditional means to be roughly $18,000. Homeowners may see this as unavoidable, a financial hit that must be taken. However, since buying a home is the largest single investment most people make, we think the homeowners are entitled to all of the returns on the sale of this investment. After all, it was the homeowner who paid the mortgage month after month. This is why we created a low-cost service that helps Denver homeowners to be successful FSBO sellers and keep the money they’ve earned.

Our services provide solutions to the challenges both buyers and sellers face, and we have compiled resources based on those needs. offers the most affordable, convenient and comprehensive service available.

Real Estate Denver

If you are in the market to buy a home and you are looking for Denver real estate, you should check out the website. They have hundreds of homes for sale that are for sale by owner denver homes which you won't find on any other real estate agent's listings or website.

A major advantage of these Denver homes for sale is you can get them cheaper than the Denver homes for sale by agents because they are not paying nearly the comission to the agent once their homes sell. Also they do not have a professional real estate agent helping them with their negotiations so you might be able to work out a great deal. Another advantage of the FSBO Metro Denver website is its a good source for homes all across the Denver Metro area and front range. Several real estate agents only work in certain neighborhoods so their listings do not target other areas. On FSBO's website they list Denver homes for sale in several counties and you are able to search according to price or county.

If you are looking for real estate in Denver you should check out the FSBO Metro Denver homes for sale for a wide variety of properties. It is a good time to buy Denver real estate, find a good deal at

Denver Homes For Sale

When you are thinking about selling your Denver home, there are many options you can go with. The obvious is hire a Denver realtor and pay them a commision when they sell your home. They put your house on the mls and maybe their website. There are a few other options out there that people are not aware of.

You can try to sell your home by yourself, hope that people see the sign in your yard and are curious. Another option you have, which we recommend is listing your home on a Denver FSBO website. A popular way to sell your denver home is to use the website where they only charge you $150.00 to list your home on their site, post pictures and a full write up about your property. They also give you a custo sign to put in your yard to help you sell your home. The best part about the for sale by owner denver website is the number of people who are constantly checking their listings. They have a great web following and they have more website traffic than any other denver real estate website out there. Plus you only pay 150.00 until your home selss! Think of the money you save on a realtor!