Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where to buy and sell Broomfield Real Estate

Many people who are looking to buy or sell Denver real estate do not know about the great tools out there to help them with this process. There are two great websites out there for individuals in the Denver real estate market. These sites have helpful real estate tips, they answer real estate questions, and give great descriptions about real estate in Denver.

The first Denver real estate website is FSBO Metro Denver, a website where Denver residents can list their homes for sale for only $150 until their home sells. They also offer many pictures of your house and I've heard they are going to try and get a deal with a company that does virtual tours. This is a great service at an even better price! The company who owns the site also gives you a sign for your yard and will list your open houses on their site too! This will save Denver home sellers money on a real estate agent which really adds up when think about 3-6% on a home that goes for $300,000. That's $18,000 the home owner saves on the sale of their house. This is also a benefit for those looking to buy Denver real estate.

The second is a brand new website called The Denver Source that was put out by individuals independent from the real estate industry. They have developed a ton of factual information about real estate, different areas and hot spots in Denver for those looking to relocate. They go into some detail about school districts, local attractions, and more. The site also includes Denver real estate listings, tips for buying real estate, tips for selling real estate, foreclosure information, and much more. They have a cool forum for individuals to ask questions to a realtor, post your own real estate, and ask about others about real estate or marketing. Denver neighborhood descriptions and their history are also on the site. It is cool for people to be able to read about the neighborhood they live in or about to purchase. I also think individuals can contribute information they have on different neighborhoods being that the real estate website is put together by non real estate agents.

These two websites are great tools for those searching for Denver real estate or looking to sell their Denver home. Make sure you check them out!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Aurora Real Estate Guide

Dealing with Aurora real estate can be a difficult and confusing thing. Even on both sides of the spectrum, buying and selling Aurora real estate is not something you can just go out and do.

There is a helpful website that has just been developed to help peole in the Aurora - Denver area with any type of real estate question, real estate problem, and even has many real estate tips for those who are in the market to purchase real estate and sell real estate. The site was created by non real estate agents and is completely unbias. The creators wanted to help people with real estate questions. There is a forum on the real estate website where you can ask realtors questions for free about any real estate in the area, any problems or concerns you have, even ask for pointers on this site, its ok!

Another cool thing about this real estate website is they have gone into detail to describe all the different neighborhoods throughout the Denver area, including the many new developments in Aurora. Aurora real estate has become a hot commodity and is going fast. There are articles and pictures describing the hot spots, attractions, kind of real estate in the area and the neighborhood history as well.

I hope you find this article and the links I have posted useful. Use this Denver real estate website it is a great tool for those with questions or searching for some Denver neighborhood information.

Arvada Homes for Sale

There is a new website called "FSBO Metro Denver" that lists many Denver homes for sale in the Metro area including: Arvada, Broomfield, Aurora, Parker, Littleton, Englewood, Littleton, Lakewood and even Boulder. These homes are all for sale by their owner, there is no real estate agent involved which saves both the home seller and home buyer money in the long run.

The principle of the idea is to save Arvada home sellers money when they sell their home because they don't give a real estate agent 3-6% of the sale. Also when someone buys a home from someone who lists their home on the website it is generally a cheaper price because the home owner is saving money on a real estate agent.

Another nice thing about the FSBO website is the traffic they get. Every month they get somewhere between 5,000-7,500 visitors a month looking at the listings. This is a great place for people to list their homes because they will get in front of so many individuals looking at their Arvada home for sale.

I can't believe I haven't mentioned the price yet! It only costs $150 until your home sells! Thats it, no extra fee when your home sells, no filing fee, there's no nickle and diming at all! You also get a FSBO real estate sign in your yard that is included in the price! If you are trying to sell your Arvada home, you should check out this site!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Denver Real Estate Advice

Selling a property in the Denver real estate market is not that easy and needs a lot of hard work and patience. Patience in convincing people to sell your property, and if you have a convincing power then this task is just a piece of cake.

Not everyone has that kind of ability to easily convince people, especially that you are selling a property and it is somewhat stressful. Stress in a way that you may be forced to sell it in a lower price, because the longer the property is hanging in the market for sale, buyers will offer you lower price.

Before you got into that stage, you may want to have a plan and learn some strategies in selling your Denver home. Time is very important in selling a property, especially if there are lots of home sellers in your place, this can also affect your goal to sell your home in a timely manner.
You need to know how many competitors you have in a market and learn the things that they offer in selling their Denver home. This can give you an idea on how you will compete with them and get a lot of buyer. Usually you must do some make over in your home; this is an obvious things that you should consider. A clean and presentable place is what a buyer usually look for.
Try to do a little make over in your place and start it with painting your home. Make sure that it will be as attracted as it is before, so that prospected buyers will be easily attracted in considering your home. Also, it is a big help putting a big house for sale signage in front of your home. Include important details like contact number and contact person on the signage and expect some calls on your phone.

In answering phone calls, prepare yourself to give out your best in selling your home. You must put a good impression on your buyer on the phone so that they can have an interest buying your home. Ask them to have a visit and at the same time you can make some negotiation.

If those things have not helped you selling your Denver real estate property, then you need some help of an expert. A real estate agent is the right person to ask some help. They do have a lot of experience in terms of real estate. They can have list of buyers and investor that can have interest in selling your Denver real estate property.

Top 10 tips when Selling your Denver Home

By: Michael Hart

1. Get Your Home In Top Selling Condition: Clean your home to within an inch of it's life. Make necessary repairs. And de-clutter the entire house. Clutter is the #1 enemy of anyone selling a house. Invoke "The Rule of HALF". Clear off at least HALF of everything on kitchen and bath countertops. Half of all collectibles and family photos. Half of everything in closets (boxes, shoes, clothes, hats, belts). And then consider "HALF AGAIN"! Put them in storage. Next, consider removing some furniture. Most people move because they want more space. Make your home look and feel "spacious". Remember that "sparse" is better than "cluttered".

2. Set a Realistic Asking Price: The best way (and cheapest) to determine a reasonable asking price for your home is to call 3 real estate agents and ask each for a "CMA". Most Denver real estate agent will offer to do a FREE "C.M.A." for you, which is a "Comparative Market Analysis". A CMA provides information such as what other Denver homes similar to yours in size and location have sold for recently, the address of homes sold, original asking price, eventual selling price, and the number of days it was on the market before it sold. It's an invaluable tool for the by-owner seller.
3. Use Signs To Your Advantage: Signs sell more houses than anything else. Buyers see signs and follow them into neighborhoods they may otherwise have not known about. You need 3 types of signs. For Sale by Owner, Open House, and the little directional For Sale By Owner arrow signs. Put the large For sale By Owner sign out front of course. Put the Open House sign up every weekend. And the little directionals should go on every corner all the way back to the nearest main road to your house. And don't forget an "info box" for your flyers. You do have flyers, don't you? See tip #4.
4. Create a Sales Flyer That Sells: Here's what you need to put on your flyer. Asking price, Address, Directions from the nearest main road, number of bedrooms, number of full baths and half baths, schools (elementary, middle, high school), interior description noting any special features (vaulted ceilings, fireplace, etc.), exterior description noting special features (old oaks, landscaping, fenced), convenience to highways, shopping centers, malls, grocery stores, hospitals, etc. Your name, phone, and I'd suggest ... "Shown by Appointment"
5. Advertise Where Your Buyers Are Looking: Classified ads are usually a good investment. Local classifieds help get the word out to local readers as well as potential transplants who are actively seeking a home and searching for one in the "local papers" from the areas they're considering moving to. The 4 most important items that must be in the ad: Price, Location, Number of Beds and Baths, and Phone. Beyond that, if you have room, note any stand-out features such as: waterfront, on the golf course, mountain view, financing available, pool, acreage, etc., and you've got it!
6. Make Arrangements To Help Your Buyer Get Financing: This is something too often overlooked by sellers. Make arrangements with an independent mortgage broker to refer potential buyers to him/her for a FREE mortgage pre-qualification. (Don't call your local bank, or "big name mortgage" because they are limited to their own companies loan programs). A smart seller will even put "financing available" on their flyer and refer those asking about financing to the mortgage broker. Benefit to you? The mortgage broker can save you time and aggravation by telling you whether a potential buyer can or cannot qualify for a loan. And if your buyer goes through your mortgage broker, the broker can keep you "in the loop" during the mortgage process!
7. Set Up a Voice Mailbox to Take Calls When You Can't: Every phone call that comes in could be the one buyer you've been waiting for. Don't take the chance of missing any calls. When I was actively calling Denver home sellers, I was surprised by the number of Denver home sellers who didn't have voice mail or an answering machine. That means their advertising money was wasted. Don't let that happen to you. Be sure you're phone rings to an answering machine or a voice mail service. And it's always best to return calls as quickly as possible. You never know which caller will be the one who ends up buying your house.

8. Set Up Specific Times To Show Your Denver House: I don't run to the house every time I get a call from someone who says they want to see it, especially since at least 1 out of 4 won't even bother to show up! It can be frustrating to say the least. I usually tell everyone they can "see the house on Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm or on Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm". These are my "Open House" days. Showing the Denver house only on these days helps me stay in control of my own time (and my sanity). It also has the advantage of creating somewhat of a "competition" among potential buyers that works to my favor.
9. Brush Up On Your Negotiating Skills: If you have to lower your price in negotiation, make your first price cut is the biggest, and your second price cut (if necessary) should be smaller still, so that your Denver buyer knows you've gone about as far as you're going! And keep in mind that price is not the only thing you can negotiate on. Maybe instead of dropping the price, you might offer your Denver home buyer a home warranty instead. You also will want to consider what items you intend to might include with the sale of the house. Items such as the refrigerator, washer/dryer, patio furniture, closing dates ... all can be a part of your negotiation strategy.

10. Patience Required: Don't expect a whirlwind of activity the moment you put your For Sale sign out in the yard. Sure, you may get lucky and have the perfect buyer show up at your door within just days of your sign going up, but don't bet the farm on it. It's possible that it could take several weeks, or even 3 or 4+ months if you're in a slow moving market and you're trying to get a retail price.

How to Lure in Denver Buyers

Thinking on how to convince an individual to buy your Denver home may be too challenging, especially if the person you are trying to deal with is somehow sophisticated and fashionable. Though you know that dealing with this kind of people are good payers and are able to give you good deal. But the problem is how you will convince them to choose your home in the Dever real estate market.
It may be a once in a life time opportunity if a person has given you a good deal but do have a lot of request before closing the deal. Of course you may want to lose this kind of opportunity and do everything to convince them.
Don't hesitate to ask question and know some of their request so you can check it out if you can still handle and do the request. Usually a make over is most of the important thing that you should do to make your Denver home presentable and attractive to your buyer. Repaint walls, ceilings and remove stains on the floor. You can hire an expert to do this for you so to impress your buyer. But make sure that your buyer is really ready to buy your home because it might cost you too much in making over your home and ends up hanging in the air waiting for your home to be bought.
Make a list of expenses that you will be willing to spend in making the renovation and make over. Include the expenses on the selling price of your home. Remember when a home is fully renovated it can have higher value and can be sold in higher price. Make sure that all facilities are all in good working condition, you may want to ask a master electrician to check your electrical wiring connection and make sure that there will be no problem and avoid faulty electrical wiring that can be turn out into an accident or fire.
Beautifying your garden is a good option to convince your buyer, usually sophisticated person do like to have a garden in their place. A good landscaping crew will surely help you to beautify your garden, it may sound expensive but it will surely give a good impression on your buyer. Of course these increase your selling price and add more beauty on your home.
And if in case that your prospected Denver home buyer to buy your home, for sure there are lot of Denver home buyers in the market will be attracted on your home. Don't frown your face just in case you missed some good opportunity, just think that the next person who will knock on your door will be the one who will offer you a good deal buying your Denver real eastate property.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Littleton Homes for Sale

If you are looking for Littleton homes for sale or want to sell your Littleton home you should check out the for sale by owner website" There they have a ton of Denver real estate on their listings page. They have a great concept, save home owners money when selling their home. They do not have to pay 3% on a real estate agent and only pay $150 until the house sells.

If you decide to go with to sell your house, you get on their website where 10,000 visitors view listings a month and also a sign in your yard. With this much traffic its no wonder the homes are selling so fast.

If you want to buy a Littleton home, its a good idea to check out this site. Often times you can find a home for sale cheaper there because the home owners are not paying an agent.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Denver Homes for Sale - FSBO

If you are looking for Denver real estate or want to buy or sell your Denver home, you need to check out the FSBO Metro Denver real estate website! I happen to find it and was very impressed the the Denver homes for sale.

The concept is easy and goes like this: Instead of paying close to 6% on the sale of your house to real estate agents, you pay $150 to get your house listed on their website until your house sells! They also give you a real estate sign for your yard. Did I mention this website gets 10,000 visitors a month searching through the listings.

They have Denver homes for sale, Aurora homes for sale, Littleton homes for sale, Englewood homes for sale, Parker homes for sale, property in Broomfield and even Boulder homes for sale! These guys have taken the whole for sale by owner concept and made it more manageable and definitely more successful. This is a tool everyone in Denver tyring to buy or sell property should use! Denver real estate is hard to manage yourselft, but this tool makes it possible without a real estate agent!

Another great aspect of this website, is you generally can find homes for sale at a lower price than someone through an agent. This is because they save so much money on placing an ad and getting a sign than hiring a real estate agent. I saw many homes priced to sell simply because of this reason. If you can save 15-20 K on the sale of your home by not hiring an agent, why wouldn't you?

The website it you should definitely check it out!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Denver Foreclosures

In the last few years, the rate of foreclosures in cities across the nation has increased significantly, particularly in Colorado. In light of this foreclosure “epidemic,” the following article provides a brief overview of the foreclosure process under Colorado law, and how homeowners who have chosen to sell their Denver home can benefit by selling as FSBO. Our goal is not to encourage people with financial trouble to sell their Denver homes (for many it is not the best solution), but rather emphasize the advantages of FSBO for those who have already made the decision. While we sincerely hope that homeowners in danger of facing foreclosure are able to keep their homes and improve their financial situations (we discuss some of the resources that are available to help people do just that), some do choose to sell their homes. For these people, FSBO provides a number of advantages over selling a home through more traditional means.

The greater Metro Denver area had a record number of foreclosure filings last year, with 39,915, a 40% increase over 2006 figures and more than four times the amount filed in 2003. Many borrowers now facing foreclosure were encouraged to take on adjustable-rate mortgages, and when interest rates rose, the loan quickly outpaced their ability to repay it. Still others are in danger of losing their homes due to nothing more than bad luck, the loss of a job, or unexpected financial obligations.

Our reason for discussing the foreclosure process is to serve as a good starting point for homeowners to begin researching their options. There have been a lot of recent efforts in Colorado to provide resources and help educate people about the many, many things they can do to avoid foreclosure. Many homeowners are in this situation due to causes largely beyond their control (as mentioned above), and avoiding foreclosure can make a big difference in a borrower’s ability to buy another house in the future. High foreclosure rates hurt everyone, so we want to help get the word out.

If you are thinking about denver real estate or selling your denver home, check out our website at and if a foreclosure looks like it will be in your future we will also help you sell your home for way less than a realtor would and nobody wants to give it to the bank. Denver homes for sale are at an all time high, we will help you sell your home fast!